Apollo Health’s Town Halls are an exclusive benefit available to PreCODE and ReCODE subscribers and practitioners. In monthly (ReCODE) and quarterly (PreCODE) town halls, members can submit questions to Dr. Dale Bredesen and visiting subject matter experts, which are then answered, including shared insider strategies to prevent (PreCODE) or reverse cognitive decline (ReCODE).

In the excerpt below, which is taken from November’s Town Hall, Dr. Bredesen and Dr. Ann Hathaway, an integrative functional medicine and bioidentical hormone expert, address the incredibly high cost of nursing homes in the U.S., where an average person could spend $350 thousand before dying of Alzheimer’s — but this doesn’t have to be. Our goal at Apollo Health is to keep someone from having to enter a long-term care facility by preventing cognitive decline before it starts or reversing early symptoms, which is by far, the cheaper alternative.

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