BURLINGAME, Calif., Nov. 10, 2020

As the country prepares for an uptick in COVID-19 cases, the PreCODE Program® has arrived just in time to help deal with the challenges conferred by the pandemic. Many of us are exercising less, eating worse, experiencing stress and depression, and spending much less time socializing with others — all known risk factors for cognitive decline. Apollo Health has a solution with their latest program offering, called PreCODE, geared towards adults of any age with a family history of dementia or with risk factors such as obesity, hypertension, pre-diabetes, or inflammation, as well as anyone over age 45. The only side effect of participating in the program is improved health, which confers upregulated immunity and resilience, which are more important now than ever.

PreCODE (Prevention of Cognitive Decline) is the first program to offer a computer-based preventive algorithm for cognitive decline. This program includes evaluation, personalized prevention, support, information, and an online community through a subscription service for anyone interested in brain health and avoidance of Alzheimer’s disease. This collaborative effort with neuroscientist and Alzheimer’s researcher Dr. Dale Bredesen works by gathering individual health data, laboratory testing, and cognitive assessments, synthesized through a computational algorithm that identifies potential risks for emerging or current cognitive decline and offers a PreCODE Report — a comprehensive, personalized treatment plan for brain health optimization. See a sample PreCODE Report.

Dr. Bredesen has fundamentally changed the way we view and approach cognitive health by demonstrating that reversal of cognitive decline is possible, as documented in multiple peer-reviewed publications. His approach, a precision health protocol dubbed ReCODE (for Reversal of Cognitive Decline), specifically identifies and addresses the contributors to cognitive decline with a personalized, multifactorial protocol. Over 5000 people have followed this protocol, and the first clinical trial is set for completion in December 2020, with results to be published in early 2021. Learn more about this research here. Contrast this work with that of old-fashioned medicine, which still considers Alzheimer’s to be unpreventable, untreatable, incurable, and progressive, typically resulting in death between 3 to 11 years after diagnosis despite billions of dollars spent on over 400 failed trials.

PreCODE participants are supported with step-by-step instructions on how to optimize brain health, including guides that address the many factors that contribute to Alzheimer’s disease risk. Additionally, community support is offered through an online forum, monthly Town Halls, monthly newsletters, and dedicated customer support. Participants can monitor their progress with science-based brain training and ongoing cognitive assessments. They have access to our practitioner locator tool, which provides the optional opportunity to create a team of certified medical and coaching professionals who have received training from Dr. Bredesen through Apollo Health’s ReCODE 2.0 Training program for additional support.

One of the key tools used to enhance cognition on the PreCODE program is The NeuroQ combination nutraceutical developed by Dr. Bredesen and the scientists at LifeSeasons®. NeuroQ is designed to enhance brain function, complementing the program’s efforts to recalibrate one’s biochemistry for cognitive clarity and optimization.

For those who already have symptoms of cognitive decline, Apollo Health has developed ReCODE (Reversal of Cognitive Decline) — many who’ve already been infected with the virus report suffering from varying degrees of post-COVID “brain fog.” Indeed, ongoing research reveals that up to 20% of those hospitalized with severe symptoms report disabling cognitive dysfunction, significantly disrupting their ability to resume their lives. ReCODE is designed to help this population and anyone in the early stages of dementia reverse symptoms. Participants are supported by an even more intense program than PreCODE. You can see a sample ReCODE Report® as well as testimonials from current participants.

Media Contact: Laura Lazzarini

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Apollo Health is a health technology company that develops software to enhance the evaluation, prevention, and reversal of cognitive decline.

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