BrainHQ is a complimentary brain-training program available with your monthly PreCODE or ReCODE subscription. This personalized program supports your ‘brain-training’ goals and tracks your progress. The online exercises from BrainHQ target core cognitive skills: attention, processing speed, and memory. BrainHQ is tailored to your specific needs strengthening cognitive function, allowing you to think faster, focus better, and remember more.


CNS Vital Signs

CNS Vital Signs is a world leader in the design and development of neurocognitive and behavioral assessment software. Apollo Health has partnered with CNS Vital Signs to enrich the experience of participants on the ReCODE program. The assessments measure and track cognitive performance and improvement — and are essential in following the Bredesen Protocol.



Dr. Dale Bredesen has partnered with LifeSeasons®, a leading producer of condition-specific nutritional supplements, to create a compounded solution to support participants on the Bredesen Protocol. The supplement formulas are a vital component of the protocol along with diet, exercise, sleep, and brain-training exercises.


Premier Laboratory Services

Premier Laboratory Services is an independent clinical laboratory with expertise in toxicology, chemistry, endocrinology, urinalysis, and immunology. The partnership between Apollo Health and Premiere Laboratory Services enables participants to obtain comprehensive lab and genetic assessments. This specialized panel targeting cognitive function is utilized in both the ReCODE and PreCODE protocols.


The Functional Medicine Coaching Academy

The Functional Medicine Coaching Academy (FMCA) collaboration with The Institute for Functional Medicine provides a comprehensive health coaching certification program. Graduates of the online 12-month course are eligible to become nationally board-certified health and wellness coaches. FMCA also offers short specialty courses available for continuing education.



Vielight Inc. is a world-leader in the field of brain photobiomodulation. Their Neuro Gamma technology is supported by published, independent research, which demonstrated clinical improvement in dementia symptoms and neurophysiological brain imaging changes. Their technology has also shown efficacy in a wide range of studies, ranging from neurodegeneration, brain injuries to cognitive performance. For more information on Vielight’s published studies, click here. Special discounts are offered to members of the Apollo Health community.


Readout Health

Apollo Health has partnered with Readout Health to offer the BIOSENSE Breath Ketone Monitoring System to our participants and practitioners. Data from the BIOSENSE device integrates with the ReCODE Mobile App ‎RECODE and provides all-day feedback for monitoring ketone levels. The BIOSENSE Breath Ketone Monitoring System is available to participants and practitioners at a 10% discount. ReCODE practitioners may opt to participate in a wholesale program to resell devices from their practices, and ReCODE health coaches can choose to become BIOSENSE affiliates.


Amphora Nueva

Amphora Nueva features a large variety of fresh high polyphenol extra virgin olive oil (EVOO) sourced from all over the world. Because EVOO has many healthful properties and is an integral part of the KetoFLEX 12/3 diet, Apollo Health has partnered with Amphora Nueva to offer our participants a discounted price on their healthful oils that they ship all over the contiguous United States.



Apollo Health is proud to partner with KAATSU to offer an exciting exercise modality that can enhance athletic performance, help with rehabilitation while also providing an anti-aging effect. This Japanese therapeutic practice involves the safe use of blood flow restriction bands that upregulate nitric oxide, plasmalogens, and BDNF for cardio and neuroprotection and is offered to our participants and practitioners at a discounted price.


Prodrome Sciences

Prodrome Sciences offers both comprehensive blood testing that can offer helpful information about biochemical health and a variety of plasmalogen precursor supplements to boost plasmalogen levels, correlated with healthy cognition. Apollo Health has partnered with them to make these services and products available to our participants and practitioners at a discounted price.



Neuronic is a pioneering neuro-tech company that focuses on improving cognitive function. From high performance and wellness to specific conditions, we promote brain health through the application of light therapy. As a thought leader in the light therapy industry, they invest 100% of profits to advance the science and product development of light therapy. Their wellness device has helped thousands of people around the globe struggling with their brain health. Neuronic is working on obtaining a medical device license for Alzheimer’s and has the goal to make light therapy more accessible to the public. Apollo Health Subscribers are entitled to a 10% discount on their photobiomodulation devices.

Neuronic partners with Apollo Health to advance brain health with the use of infrared light.

We Inspect

Apollo Health is proud to partner with We Inspect, the first nationwide mold inspection company that focuses on home assessment and testing services for hypersensitive individuals, including those with type 3 (toxic) contributors. We Inspect offers a range of services to help you find the source of mold in your home. Apollo Health subscribers are eligible to receive a discounted price for their home mold inspection performed by We Inspect, whose framework has been proven to be successful with over $20 million in successful mold remediations.