Benjamin Franklin, in 1736, said, “An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure.” He was speaking about fire awareness — something that so many of us can relate to in the midst of the raging California fires — but his aphorism applies to many situations, perhaps none more so than health and chronic illness.

An interesting documentary, “The Big Secret,” describes the need for more preventive approaches and a greater understanding of the many side effects associated with standard therapies, standard diets, and standard lifestyles. The big secret of “The Big Secret” is that the chronic illnesses that are killing the vast majority of us are preventable. Of course, in the case of cognitive decline, we have repeatedly found that targeting the underlying drivers results not only in prevention but also in reversal, especially in the early stages — and a superb example of this is Julie G’s wonderful description of a day in her life.

The Big Secret provides helpful information for all of us — which is why it is disappointing that it was censored and removed from Amazon Prime. Fortunately, it can still be viewed on Vimeo. The world will be a healthier place when effective preventive health protocols, optimal diets, and longevity-supportive lifestyles are no longer a big secret.

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