ReCODE Protocol™

ReCODE Protocol™ is the only clinically proven program to reverse cognitive decline in early-stage Alzheimer’s disease. The ReCODE Program™ is intended for individuals who are currently experiencing symptoms of cognitive decline and are ready to engage in an intensive program to restore and enhance cognitive function while promoting overall health. It was designed for anyone experiencing subjective cognitive impairment (SCI), mild cognitive impairment (MCI), and those with early-stage Alzheimer’s Disease. The program is most effective when used in the early stages, but we have examples of reversal in the mid to late stages.

The ReCODE Report®

The ReCODE Program relies upon the ReCODE Report — a highly individualized evaluation of your cognitive health analyzed by a software program created by Dr. Dale Bredesen and his team at Apollo Health. The report includes information on which of the six subtypes are contributing to your symptoms of cognitive decline and provides detailed, personalized instructions to specially address whatever is driving our symptoms, including nutritional, lifestyle, hormone, and supplement recommendations. The report will be generated following the completion of labs (not included and only available to those in the U.S.), medical questionnaires, and cognitive testing. Download a sample ReCODE Report here.

The Science Behind the ReCODE Protocol

Internationally recognized expert on the mechanisms of neurodegenerative diseases, Dr. Dale Bredesen, has over 30 years of research on the causes of Alzheimer’s disease, shedding light on the variety of “insults” resulting from modern society that lead to neurodegeneration and interfere with the preservation of brain health. These insults, such as inflammation, insulin resistance, lack of trophic support, susceptibility to specific pathogens in our environment, and multiple other factors contribute to cognitive decline.

Inspired by Dr. Bredesen’s groundbreaking program that has demonstrated the reversal of cognitive decline, the ReCODE Program provides you with the tools you need to defend yourself against these insults and optimize brain health for enhanced cognition. Learn more about the science behind the ReCODE Protocol.

ReCODE Program Features:

  • A ReCODE Report will be generated following labs (not included & only available to U.S. residents) and completion of an online medical questionnaire and cognitive assessments. Download a sample report here.
  • Your ReCODE Report will specifically identify what is driving your current symptoms leading to an identification of your specific Alzheimer’s subtypes and provide personalized instructions, including comprehensive supplement recommendations designed to halt the progression and reverse symptoms of cognitive decline while optimizing overall health.
  • The Practitioner and Coach Locator Tool is available to build the team you need to help ensure your success. Because the reversal of cognitive decline can be complex, we require you to work with a ReCODE Trained Primary Practitioner. We highly encourage you to consider working with a health coach and other supportive practitioners as needed. Your account will be seamlessly integrated with all members of your team, allowing for easy access, communication, and support.
  • Complimentary BrainHQ account for brain stimulation workouts.
  • Access to advanced cognitive assessments, including SLUMS or MoCA, AQ-21 (bi-annually), and CNS Vital Signs (monthly) to track your progress.
  • Q & A opportunities with Dr. Bredesen through monthly Town Hall meetings, which will be videotaped and conveniently available to view at your convenience.
  • A library of written and video guides for the reversal of cognitive decline, with detailed lifestyle and nutritional information, including simple and delicious KetoFLEX 12/3 recipes.
  • Access to an online community for support and education.
  • The ReCODE Mobile App helps simplify the protocol and ensure compliance.

There are two annual membership plans for the ReCODE Program that are billed monthly or annually at a discounted rate. This program requires a one-year commitment and supports ongoing treatments, which may take approximately three months to a year to show initial reversal or improvement. Please note that you may need additional tests recommended and arranged by your physician, which could lead to additional costs.

Program Subscription
With Labs (Mobile Draw)* With Labs (Quest)
ReCODE Annual Membership (Billed Monthly) $75 Monthly Unavailable at this time $75 Monthly + One-time Payment of $930
ReCODE Discounted Annual Membership (Billed Annually) $810 Unavailable at this time$1740

*Due to supply constraints, we are not currently offering mobile blood draws. All participants can still complete their blood draws at a local Quest testing facility and will be charged at a discounted rate. You will be messaged through our Message inbox when we are ready to schedule your draw appointment.

Additionally, our lab partner does not presently provide the included glutathione test for ReCODE participants. All ReCODE labs will receive a $75 discount due to the missing test.

In an effort to bring you the lowest possible pricing on the ReCODE blood panel, we have extended our lab discounts to you — Apollo Health does not make a profit from the labs. The ReCODE Test Panel List can be found here. Please note that labs are only available to U.S. residents.

If you have any questions, contact us at, or call us at (800) 450-0805, Monday through Friday, From 9 a.m. to 5 p.m. PT.


Learn Your Cq Score

The first step to improving your cognition begins with quantifying your current status. Take our free cognitive quotient “Cq” assessment, a test devised by Dale Bredesen MD, created specifically to detect early signs of neurological degeneration. Check your Cq score today.

How do I get started with ReCODE? 

1. Select ReCODE Program
Select ReCODE Program

1. Select ReCODE Program

Enroll Now
2. Order and Receive Lab Instructions
Order and Receive Lab Instructions

2. Order and Receive Lab Instructions

We will notify you when a lab test center is located. Once you hear back from us, schedule an appointment at your earliest convenience.

3. Complete the Medical Questionnaire and Cognitive Assessments
Complete the Medical Questions and Cognitive Assessments

3. Complete the Medical Questionnaire and Cognitive Assessments

Either before or after having your labs drawn, please complete the medical questionnaire and cognitive assessments. We will contact you when your blood and genome results have been processed.

4. Generate Report
Generate Report

4. Generate Report

Once your labs have been processed and your medical questionnaire and cognitive assessments are completed, you will be able to generate your personalized report. Don’t panic if any of your test results are missing; you can enter missing data later, then update your report.

5. Locate a ReCODE Trained Primary Practitioner
Locate a ReCODE Trained Primary Practitioner

5. Locate a ReCODE Trained Primary Practitioner

Our Practitioner and Coach Locator Tool can help you find a ReCODE Trained Primary Practitioner that specializes in addressing your specific needs. We also encourage you to consider working with a health coach, nutritionist, and other support practitioners as needed. After your report generates, you will receive a printable PDF. We recommend sharing that with your primary care physician before beginning the program.

6. Review Report with Your Practitioner
Review Report with Your Practitioner

6. Review Report with Your Practitioner

Your Bredesen-trained physician will help you interpret your results and create an action plan to specifically address the drivers of your cognitive decline to optimize your brain health. Your account will be seamlessly integrated with all members of your team allowing for easy access, communication, and support.

7. Start the Bredesen Protocol
Start the Bredesen Protocol

7. Start the Bredesen Protocol

Welcome to the community! We warmly invite you to begin your journey by learning about all the benefits and that accompany your subscription with Welcome to Your Brain Health Journey. Please don’t hesitate to reach out with any questions at or (800) 450-0805, Monday through Friday, from 9:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m. PT.


Empowering Knowledge

With both ReCODE and PreCODE, you’ll identify the current or emerging sources of your cognitive decline to identify your Alzheimer’s subtype(s) and be empowered to prevent or reverse symptoms.

Dive Deep

ReCODE is the first to report the reversal of cognitive decline in patients with early Alzheimer’s disease by analyzing genetics, metabolic health, inflammatory markers, trophic support and more thorough extensive laboratory testing to generate a personalized ReCODE Report.

Cutting-Edge Science

The ReCODE Protocol is based on the breakthrough findings of Dr. Dale Bredesen, a world-renowned leader in Alzheimer’s disease research and a New York Times Best-Selling author.

Where to Begin

Getting your ReCODE Report is the first step to applying the Bredesen Protocol treatments. Review your results with a certified practitioner and begin your journey to health.

Dale Bredesen, MD

Dr. Bredesen’s career has been guided by a simple idea: that Alzheimer’s and cognitive decline as we know it is not just preventable, but reversible. Thanks to a dedicated pursuit of finding the science that that makes this a reality, his idea has placed Dr. Bredesen at the vanguard of neurological research, and led to the discoveries that today underlie the ReCODE and PreCODE Reports.

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The End of Alzheimer’s Program

The End of Alzheimer’s, Dr. Dale Bredesen laid out the science behind his revolutionary new program that is the first to both prevent and reverse symptoms of Alzheimer’s disease. Now in The End of Alzheimer’s Program, he lays out the detailed program he uses with his own patients. Accessible and detailed, it can be tailored to anyone’s needs and enhance cognitive ability at any age.

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Our solutions are designed to fit anyone, whether you’re already showing symptoms or merely hoping to prevent them.