Dale Bredesen, MD, partnered with LifeSeasons®, a leading producer of condition-specific nutritional supplements, to create a supplement solution to support those on the PreCODE and ReCODE Protocols.

Each of the ingredients and dosages in NeuroQ, for PreCODE, has been thoughtfully selected with key nutrients to help provide long-term neuroprotection of healthy brain function.

Similarly, each of the products in the ReCODE Protocol line has been carefully formulated to address the micronutrient deficiencies of those in cognitive decline, and to reduce the confusion of taking dietary supplement. The simple-to-administer line includes a boxed set of four core products (Daily Multivitamin, Daily Omegas, Daily Antioxidants, Daily Probiotics, ReCODE Morning Balance and ReCODE Evening Balance) and six stand-alone formulas to target the subtypes of Alzheimer’s disease.

By removing the burden of searching the vitamin aisles and sorting pills, these potent formulas can ultimately improve compliance.

*Note: Individuals who would like to take their own preferred brand of supplements or who do not have access to LifeSeason’s products, will be provided with a personalized list of recommended supplements on their PreCODE or ReCODE Reports.

Supplementation is an important aspect of the Bredesen Protocol, along with diet, exercise, sleep, and brain-stimulating games. How you take those supplements, when you take them, and what’s inside all matter. And it’s important to know that it’s not a single ingredient that packs the punch, it’s the formula.

Dale Bredesen, MD.