Answering Our Critics

Apollo Health is dedicated to delivering the Bredesen Protocol®. As healthcare disruptors, we believe everyone deserves access to Dr. Dale Bredesen’s groundbreaking approach that has the potential to reduce the global burden of dementia.

With the world’s only clinical success in treating Alzheimer’s, we’ve demonstrated that Alzheimer’s can be prevented and even reversed in the early stages, but the gap between proof and adoption in medical care remains large. Unfortunately, millions of people are suffering now and millions more have the pathophysiology that leads to Alzheimer’s disease without being aware. We cannot remain silent and let the naysayers disregard this lifesaving approach; too many lives are at stake.

Our Success Using a Fundamentally Different Approach

By addressing a multifactorial disease with a precision-medicine approach that specifically identifies and addresses what each patient requires instead of blindly treating with a single drug, Dr. Bredesen has had unprecedented success. His work has been meticulously documented in over 200 peer-reviewed publications and most recently a successful clinical trial in the Journal of Alzheimer’s Disease. Additionally, a review of data from our ReCODE Protocol participants also produced cognitive benefits far beyond that of any pharmaceutical to date.

Through decades of work in his laboratory, Dr. Bredesen painstakingly developed a novel Alzheimer’s hypothesis before he transitioned to actual clinical practice. He suggests that Alzheimer’s results from an imbalance in the brain’s neuroplasticity signaling. As we age and are exposed to multiple assaults over time, damaging forces overtake repair forces, resulting in a downsizing of the brain’s ability and subsequent cognitive decline. His goal is to change your biochemistry to provide optimal conditions for our brains to thrive by identifying and addressing personalized contributors (metabolic derangement, poor nutrient status, lack of oxygen from OSA, exposure to viruses, etc.) that are contributing to the damage. He asserts that amyloid-beta (if present) is actually the body’s response to damage.

Let’s contrast his approach with the hundreds of trials and billions of dollars that have been spent on the amyloid hypothesis that still hasn’t panned out. Researchers have successfully been able to reduce amyloid-beta, but that has NOT led to an improvement in cognition — the ultimate goal. Even worse, a recent report suggests that some of the data contributing to that data may have been falsified, which just adds another layer of “messiness” to a system that has already failed to gain a foothold on this disease. To fully understand how “evidence-based” medicine is rigged to disregard alternative theories (even those that are successful) read Jason Fung, MD’s blog: The Corruption of Evidence-Based Medicine: Killing for Profit. The Aduhelm debacle is a recent shining example of this dysfunctional system. It not only failed to benefit cognition, but it was also extraordinarily pricey, with potentially dangerous (even fatal in several cases) side-effects in up to 40% of users.

Too Soon? You Choose

The main criticism against Apollo Health and Dr. Dale Bredesen is that we have given patients access to our treatment protocol too early. It’s important to remember that no effective, sustainable treatment exists for Alzheimer’s. So, the question becomes, when you have a promising treatment, with no side-effects, can you morally withhold it from a population whose certain outcome is decline and death? Our critics would have us wait. Our choice was to release as much of the protocol for free as possible (see our blogs or review Dr. Bredesen’s book from the library), so that those with cognitive decline had the choice, and consequently, thousands of participants and their families have benefitted.

Through decades of work in his laboratory, Dr. Bredesen has developed the only Alzheimer’s hypothesis that has been tested on actual patients with unprecedented success. We believe that you should have the option to follow it. Our critics believe that you should have to wait. Ultimately, we’re happy you get to make that choice for yourself.

84% improved on the ReCODE program
Over 200 studies conducted
Apollo Health has helped over 2000 families
Dr. Dale Bredesen

For much more, read Dr. Bredesen’s direct response to his critics who’ve failed to offer professional cooperation and collaboration with the common goal of effective treatment for cognitive decline.


Julie Gregory

Hear from a patient representative, among the thousands benefitting from this approach, demanding change. Julie Gregory pushes back to the most vocal of Dr. Bredesen’s critics.


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