Apollo Health’s new training, ReCODE 2.0 for Coaches, is currently under development and slated for release in early 2021. This training will be the gold-standard for any qualified coach desiring to work with clients in the areas of prevention or reversal of cognitive decline. It is designed to complement the updated ReCODE 2.0 Training for Practitioners.

ReCODE 2.0 training for coaches is a robust and challenging program, featuring the latest research and science in the treatment of Alzheimer’s Disease, presented by some of the most respected leaders in brain health, led by Dr. Dale Bredesen, Chief Science Officer of Apollo Health. The practical applications of working with clients in the cognitive decline space are paramount to this training; therefore, included will be modules taught by experienced NBHWC Certified Coaches currently specializing in this population. The training modules will focus on: 

  • Working with practitioners, patients, and care partners.
  • Coaching for both reversal and prevention of cognitive decline.
  • Habit change and behavior strategies for success.
  • Facilitating groups, both in-person, and online.
  • The unique challenges of coaching this population, including coach self-care.

Whether your goal as a coach is to work as part of a care team, within a practice, or as an independent contractor, in-person, or virtually, ReCODE 2.0 training will allow you to move forward in your career with expertise and confidence.

ReCODE 2.0 for coaches replaces the FMCA Course Reversing Cognitive Decline (RCD). The updated training will significantly expand the breadth and depth of your knowledge toward successfully supporting clients as they implement the Bredesen Protocol. Coaches who are currently certified in RCD will be able to upgrade their certification to ReCODE 2.0 for Coaches and earn NBHWC CEU’s for a discounted fee. At this time, Apollo does not have specifics for either of these two important features, but they and others will be announced as we continue to develop the course.

Apollo Health has two more additional programs currently under development, a dentist and caregiver training program set to be released in 2021. If you have any questions about ReCODE 2.0 training for coaches, email us at coaching@ahnphealth.com.


Alzheimer’s disease is the 6th leading cause of death in the United States

I no longer feel alone… The mutual support from the group and the gracious coaching from Chris and Joan, has given my wife and me more hope and encouragement.

John H.