Dr. Dale Bredesen maintains an active schedule of professional appearances to share his latest research on Alzheimer’s disease and cognitive decline and to better reach both practitioners and patients around the globe. Selected upcoming events are shown below. If you would like to invite Dr. Bredesen for a speaking engagement or other appearance, please contact media@ahnphealth.com


Scripps 18th Annual Natural Supplements: An Evidence-Based Update

Dr. Bredesen will present at this educational event for anyone wanting to acquire a wide range of knowledge and expertise for addressing and managing dietary supplement use.

On Friday, January 27th, 2023, Dr. Bredsen’s presentation, “The Future of Brain Health,” will touch upon the differences and efficacy of a systems medicine approach to treating Alzheimer’s disease and cognitive decline to a monotherapeutic approach. In addition, he will discuss the successful results of his clinical trial, where 84% of participants improved their cognition. In contrast, simple drug treatment for Alzheimer’s disease has never proven successful; the recent approval of lecanemab by the FDA occurred despite it only slowing cognitive decline and not improving cognition.


Free Overcoming Long-Haul & Chronic Fatigue Syndrome Summit (Online)

Dr. Bredesen will present at the free online summit Overcoming Long-Haul & Chronic Fatigue Syndrome Summit, which starts on Tuesday, February 7th, and ends on Tuesday, February 14th. In his presentation on day two of the event titled “Brain Fog, Long Haul, And Alzheimer’s,” he will focus on the similarities between COVID and Alzheimer’s, brain fog in COVID, and treatment and prevention of brain fog.

Register for free here.


Sun Valley Wellness Festival

Dr. Dale Bredesen will join longevity, health, and wellness experts as the keynote speaker for the Sun Valley Wellness Festival, Memorial Day weekend 2023.