Dr. Dale Bredesen maintains an active schedule of professional appearances to share his latest research on Alzheimer’s disease and cognitive decline and to better reach both practitioners and patients around the globe. Selected upcoming events are shown below. If you would like to invite Dr. Bredesen for a speaking engagement or other appearance, please contact info@ahnphealth.com


Lake Nona Impact Forum

Dr. Bredesen joins the 2020 speakers at the Nona Institute Impact
Forum in conversation around “Building the Wellbeing Ecosystem of the


YPO Edge

Alzheimer’s disruptor and leading neurodegenerative disease
researcher, Dr. Bredesen will present at and attend the 2020 YPO Edge
Conference in San Diego.


The Forum for Integrative Medicine Conference

Dr. Bredesen will present at this forum started by several practitioners to share information to advance the treatment of complex chronic illnesses.



Join Dr. Bredesen and mold and Toxicity expert Dr. Neil Nathan, at this two-day event providing attendees with a conversation around the latest trends in integrative healthcare.


Trager Institute Optimal Aging Conference

Dr. Bredesen will give his keynote “Ending the Alzheimer’s Pandemic,” on Monday April 20, at the University of Louisville Trager Institute’s Optimal Aging Conference. This event unites healthcare and social service professionals, industry members, academics, older adults, and caregivers who view aging as an opportunity.


Fortune Brainstorm Health

Dr. Bredesen to present at FORTUNE Brainstorm Health, a conference that gathers C-suite leaders from hospitals, insurers, and cutting-edge biotech companies, who are “rapidly changing the face of health care.”


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