November 19, 2021Facebook Lives, News

Facebook Live: Part Two — Ketosis and Cognition Putting it All Together

Dr. Bredesen and Julie Gregory continue an in-depth discussion about the importance of ketosis for cognition. They discuss the important role that ketosis plays in refueling the brain when it can’t effectively use glucose, and how it helps to restore metabolic flexibility — the ability to use both glucose and ketones as fuel. They provide instructions for how to achieve endogenous ketosis for those who are healthy and for those with other health concerns, as well as tips for tracking your level of ketosis. Read More »

November 18, 2021KetoFLEX 12/3 Kitchen, News, Nutrition

KetoFLEX 12/3 Kitchen: Grateful for Thanksgiving

Set your Thanksgiving table with KetoFLEX 12/3-friendly recipes: Roasted Sweet Potato and Pecan Salad, Thanksgiving Stuffing, and Dark Chocolate and Cranberry Bon Bons to share with family and friends. Read More »

November 17, 2021Behavior Change, From Chris Coward, Insider Strategies, News

Happy November!

Chris Coward reflects on ways to cultivate gratitude and focus on what is good in your life to improve health and wellness, increase productivity, manage stress, and improve relationships. Read More »

November 17, 2021From Dr. Bredesen, News

A Time for Thanks

Dr. Bredesen expressed gratitude for many things, including the fact that we’re better off than we were during last year’s Thanksgiving due to COVID-19 vaccines. He’s also thankful for Marama the first assisted living center using the ReCODE Protocol™, for the Apollo Health Team, and most of all for the courageous efforts of those working to restore their cognitive health. Read More »

November 17, 2021From Julie Gregory, News

Fasting and Feasting

Julie Gregory uses Thanksgiving as an opportunity to reflect on her relationship with food. She shares her story of overcoming insulin resistance to optimize fuel to her brain, helping to restore her cognition while creating resiliency and optimizing overall health. Read More »

November 16, 2021From Ram Rao, News

More on Neuroplasticity

Dr. Ram Rao discusses evidence-based research that demonstrates that brain training/strengthening exercises such as learning a new language, or a musical instrument can be a few of the many things that optimize cognition. Read More »

November 16, 2021Facebook Lives, News

Facebook Live: Part One — Ketosis for Cognition Putting it All Together

Dr. Bredesen and Julie Gregory discuss the importance of ketosis for cognition. Ketosis plays several roles in the healing process. It provides a readily accessible fuel source when the brain is struggling to effectively use glucose and (when achieved endogenously) it can help to optimize metabolic health restoring multiple fuel pathways to the brain. Read More »

November 11, 2021News, Town Hall Teasers

Town Hall: The Downward Saw Effect of Amyloid Targeting Drugs

In this Town Hall Dr. Bredesen and Dr. Hathaway discuss our research that shows that removing the causes of amyloid provides benefit, but targeting amyloid with drugs has only ever slowed decline. Read More »