March 23, 2023KetoFLEX 12/3 Kitchen, News, Nutrition

KetoFLEX 12/3 Kitchen: Hello Spring!

KetoFLEX Kitchen celebrates the arrival of Spring with recipes for our PreCODE and ReCODE members that celebrate nature’s bounty with Microgreens and Buckwheat Salad, Provencal Soup, Perfectly Seared Scallops, and Sleepy Time Tea. Read More »

March 17, 2023From Julie Gregory, Insider Strategies, News, Nutrition

But What do I Eat?

In her blog “But What Do I Eat?” Julie Gregory dispels myths about how our nutrition plan — KetoFLEX 12/3 — is decidedly different from other ketogenic approaches. Rather than relying heavily on meats, cheeses, and unhealthy fats, we prioritize deeply pigmented non-starchy vegetables, leafy greens, high polyphenol olive oil, wild-caught seafood, berries, and more to harness multiple mechanisms to optimize cognitive health. Read More »

March 17, 2023From Dr. Bredesen, News

The Customer is Always Right

Dr. Bredesen shares a reviewer’s thoughts about “The First Survivors of Alzheimer’s” who through the tragic loss of their mother to AD in a nursing home, makes the choice to avoid the same fate. Read More »

March 17, 2023From Ram Rao, News

Exercise in a Pill

A recent study found that blood transfused from mice that exercised into sedentary mice showed some benefit from a neuroprotective protein. Dr. Ram Rao explains in his blog “Exercise in a Pill.” Read More »

February 15, 2023Behavior Change, From Julie Gregory, Insider Strategies, News

ApoE4 Can be Your Friend

In her blog “ApoE4 Can be Your Friend,” Julie Gregory explains that having a copy or two of the ApoE4 allele is NOT a guarantee you will develop Alzheimer’s or heart disease. Instead, she shares strategies to help you manage your “risky” allele to improve your overall health and cognition. Read More »

February 14, 2023From Dr. Bredesen, News

Cannibalism and Alzheimer’s

Dr. Bredesen encourages us all to take a lesson from the primitive Fore tribe in Papua New Guinea. Once they realized that their brain-eating ritual (to honor their deceased loved ones) was causing disease, they ended this practice. Too many of us are pointlessly continuing risky practices that we know are contributors to AD. Knowledge CAN be power … if we put it into practice. Read More »

February 14, 2023From Ram Rao, Insider Strategies, News

Dementia: Fiber Arts to the Rescue

In his blog, “Dementia: Fiber Arts to the Rescue,” Dr. Rao extols the benefits of fiber crafts such as knitting and crocheting, which help to build neural pathways when stitching complex stitches and patterns, aid with alleviating depression, and diminish chances of cognitive decline developing per Mayo study. Read More »

February 14, 2023News, Nutrition

KetoFLEX 12/3 Kitchen: Get Your Mardi On!

This month’s KetoFLEX Kitchen 12/3 recipes for Creole Shrimp and Eggplant Casserole, Mardi Gras Salad, and Blackberry Lime Spritzer take their culinary cues from the rich heritage of Cajun and Creole cooking highlighting neuroprotective vegetables and fruit. Read More »