Today is the publication date for the new book, The End of Alzheimer’s Program. Since the previous book was published in 2017, we’ve had so many requests for more details about the best protocol for prevention and reversal of cognitive decline — what is the best way to get started, where to go to get tested, where to find health coaches, what devices may be helpful, what are the critical websites, what are the most effective brands, what are the critical supplements, what are the most common subtypes, how important is each part of the protocol, and on and on — that it became clear that a practical, detail-oriented book was needed to complement the earlier, science-oriented book. In addition, we have had many questions about updates, about what has been learned since the ReCODE protocol was developed and led to the first reversals of cognitive decline in 2012, and about troubleshooting — what do we do when things aren’t going in the right direction? All of these details have been included in the new book.

In order to produce the best guide for everyone interested in preventing or reversing cognitive decline, it really takes three different views — a scientific one to describe and interpret the research that reveals the underlying mechanisms that drive cognitive decline, a clinical one to translate these mechanisms into an actionable plan, and perhaps most importantly, a highly successful daily user who is aware of the myriad of best practices, key workarounds, potential pitfalls, and the joy of success. Therefore, for the handbook section of the new book, I worked with, and am truly grateful for, Julie Gregory and my wife, Dr. Aida Lasheen Bredesen. Their extraordinary work makes this a unique contribution to the understanding, prevention, and treatment of cognitive decline — something that was unthinkable just a few years ago.

To Julie and Aida, Lance and his team of software engineers here at Apollo Health, Christine and the many health coaches who make the difference between success and decline, the whole team carrying out the Evanthea Trial of the protocol, the over 1500 physicians who have trained and are reversing cognitive decline in their patients, and the thousands who have adopted the protocols: my most sincere thanks — we are all contributing to making Alzheimer’s a rare disease, just as it should be.

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