The First Survivors of Alzheimer’s is the title of a book that is set to be published in August of 2021, in which seven different long-term survivors tell their own stories of initial hopelessness, then dedication to following a new experimental approach, and ultimately success and return to family life. These are touching, heartfelt stories, and for so many of us who have looked forward to effective treatment for Alzheimer’s patients for decades, they will bring some mist to our eyes. 
These stories also offer a glimpse of the future: just as the new RNA vaccines are offering hope for an end to the COVID-19 pandemic, personalized, precision medicine protocols for prevention and reversal of cognitive decline should serve as the “vaccine” for Alzheimer’s disease. I hope that 2021 will bring more global sanity, less COVID-19, and the next step toward widespread prevention and early reversal of neurodegenerative diseases. Meanwhile, let’s all enjoy the holidays while staying safe and healthy.  

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