Carol Grieve, podcast host for Food Integrity Now, interviewed Dr. Dale Bredesen on March 29th, 2024. Read Grieve’s full article and listen to the podcast below.

By Carol Grieve, Holistic Health Coach/Life Coach

Today, I spoke with Dr. Dale Bredesen, a leading expert on Alzheimer’s prevention and reversal. Dr. Bredesen has authored two bestselling books, The End of Alzheimer’s and The End of Alzheimer’s Program, The First Protocol To Enhance Cognition and Reverse Decline At Any Age. He has been interviewed on Food Integrity Now before, and we talked about those two books. I wanted to have him back to discuss some of the latest information on preventing and reversing Alzheimer’s and how to create better brain health.

We discussed how and why diet is so important in prevention, and of course, that included eating a nutrient-dense, organic diet. Dr. Bredesen shared how the Keto Flex 12/3 diet, which is part of his protocol, can be helpful in creating better brain health and how the Keto Flex is different than the traditional Keto diet. He also talked about the latest monitoring equipment available to check your glucose levels, ketones, and sleep quality and how this information can be useful. Knowing and monitoring your glucose levels, REM sleep, deep sleep, and oxygen saturation can assist you in understanding how your body is functioning and what may need your attention.

He mentioned that air pollution is one of the key issues in prevention and discussed a study out of the UK that analyzed MRIs that showed cognitive decline, and air pollution was the second major factor in declining cognition. Air quality is extremely important. I highly recommend you invest in an air purifier and I think this one is the best..

In our conversation, Dr. Bredesen discusses the importance of having a “Cognoscopy” and explains what that means. Since this disease is now affecting young people, he recommends that you have a Cognoscopy when you turn 40.

Dr. Bredesen also shared how early detection and knowing your biomarkers are a key to prevention. He shared information on three tests that are essential for early detection: p-Tau217, GFAP, and Neurofilament light (NfL). He talked about what each of these tests are and why they are so important. You can find our more about these tests on his site.

Intermittent fasting is something everyone is talking about and it is used as a tool for brain health and weight loss. We talked about fasting and its benefits and drawbacks–depending on your current health state, your BMI, and other factors and how those factors can affect the amount of time you fast so that it works for you. This was really good information!

Dr. Bredesen is truly the expert and his programs are not only preventing Alzheimer’s but reversing it. We all know someone with this devastating disease, and Alzheimer’s prevention and reversal is now something we can do! His protocol works, and the studies prove it. Listen to this important interview below to learn more.

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