Over the past 4 months, Apollo Health has partnered with 4D Healthcare to trial our newest product offering that specifically addresses metabolic contributors that lead to pre-diabetes, diabetes, and metabolic syndrome, which can ultimately contribute to the development of cognitive decline. 4D Healthcare is focused on bringing healthcare solutions to Native American tribes throughout the United States. Our first opportunity was to work with members of the Oneida Nation in Northeastern Wisconsin.

We’re extremely proud of the results so far.


“This has been a life changing program. I have lost 36 pounds and feel great! The meal plan, personal coaching and the group sessions are an unbeatable combo for success.”

Blood Pressure127/78 on meds127/72
OtherBP medicine reduced


“Aside from the weight loss, I feel more energized, more confident, my lower-back problems have improved, and I was able to lower my blood pressure medication dosage. My experience with the program is life changing for me.”

Total Weight LostTotal Inches Lost
40 lbs21″

Our primary goal with this project was to empower these participants with a program that optimizes overall health and enhances their cognition for years to come.

We’ve had 15 Oneida tribal members participate. After only 24 weeks into the 6 month program, combined they’ve lost 348 pounds (an average of 29 pounds each), and reduced HbA1c by an average of 37%. Many have been able to either reduce or drop prescription medications for blood pressure and diabetes and all have reported improved energy, mood, sleep and enhanced cognition. It’s been our honor to team up with this hard-working community who’ve served as leaders for us all, demonstrating what is possible.

Those who’ve participated have demonstrated the indomitable spirit of this proud tribe by fully embracing the program despite the layered hardship of COVID-19. We couldn’t be prouder and look forward to many more successes.

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