Apollo Health’s Principal Research Scientist, Dr. Ram Rao, has submitted and published the scientific paper “The Rationale for a Multi-Factorial Approach for the Reversal of Cognitive Decline in Alzheimer’s Disease and MCI: A Review” in the International Journal of Molecular Sciences.

Co-Authored by Kaayva Subramaniam, Aida Bredesen, and Apollo Health’s Dr. Dale Bredesen, Julie Gregory, Chris Coward, Sho Okada, and Lance Kelly, this paper focuses on the multi-therapeutic strategies for Alzheimer’s and MCI that are specific for each affected individual. This peer-reviewed manuscript systematically reviews studies that have incorporated multiple strategies that target numerous factors simultaneously to reverse or treat cognitive decline. The repeated demonstrations of cognitive improvement with this multifactorial approach have now paved the way for a larger, randomized controlled trial that is set to begin later this year at multiple sites.

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