Burlingame, California, June 2, 2022

Join the founder of Marama, Dr. Heather Sandison, and Apollo Health on Tuesday, June 14th through Tuesday, June 21st for a free seven-day online educational event, Reverse Alzheimer’s Summit 2.0. This event will gather over 40 experts in dementia and aging who will be interviewed by Dr. Sandison, including co-hosts Dr. Dale Bredesen and Dr. David Perlmutter, as well as Dr. Steven Gundry, Dr. Terry Wahls, Dr. Kara Fitzgerald, and dementia educator Teepa Snow.

Summit presenters will share their clinical successes, scientific advancements, and perspectives on preventing and reversing Alzheimer’s. You can expect to hear practical and actionable information for brain optimization, healing the whole body to heal the brain, and identifying and preventing cognitive decline. Dr. Sandison selected these leaders in brain health to impart their knowledge to those that live with dementia and their caregivers. Those interested in learning the best practices to halt and prevent the progression of this disease need to attend this event.

Event attendees will hear Dr. Bredesen share his groundbreaking scientific, clinically proven approach to preventing and reversing the symptoms of Alzheimer’s: “There are steps we can all take now to prevent the cognitive decline that experts have long believed to be unavoidable and irreversible. Dramatic reductions in the prevalence of dementia could be achieved if more people underwent genetic and biochemical testing and initiated a preventive program long before any symptoms appeared.” — Dale Bredesen, MD: Internationally recognized expert in the mechanisms of neurodegenerative diseases, and New York Times bestselling author.

“As there is no meaningful medical treatment for Alzheimer’s disease, which, by anyone’s definition should be considered an epidemic, it’s overwhelmingly clear that we can employ scientifically validated lifestyle interventions that can dramatically reduce our risk for this devastating disease. The Reverse Alzheimer’s Summit reveals these important choices that will go a long way towards safeguarding your brain and preserving healthy cognitive function for years to come.” — David Perlmutter, MD, FACN: Board-certified Neurologist, and 6-time New York Times bestselling author.

“I honestly believe the protocol saved my life.” — Francis McNear, a documented survivor in “The First Survivors of Alzheimer’s” by Dale Bredesen and author of “Defeating Dementia: My Recovery from Alzheimer’s.”

Register for the Reverse Alzheimer’s Summit 2.0 now and learn what is possible when it comes to treatment, prevention, and brain health optimization.

About Marama: Marama’s mission is to reduce the suffering from dementia for patients and caregivers by providing an immersive residential experience in the lifestyle proven to improve cognition.

About Apollo Health:  Apollo Health has built the first-ever community focused on the prevention and reversal of cognitive decline with the goal of reducing the global burden of dementia. Our ReCODE and PreCODE Programs™ exclusively offer the Bredesen Protocol®, a clinically proven approach to optimize cognition, with access to comprehensive resources and a professional care team to fully support your success.

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