Our bodies are naturally designed for toxin elimination, but modern living can overload our detoxification processes and allow for a toxic buildup. General anesthesia, alcohol, processed food, heavy metals and other contaminants in fish, pesticides and herbicides in produce, toxic chemicals in household products and toiletries, and even chronic inflammation from tick bites are all major sources of toxins that are common in our lives. Unfortunately, even every-day medications you take, like acetaminophen for pain, can have a toxic effect. 

Even more frightening: mold exposure can become a significant problem for susceptible individuals because it produces mycotoxins, which can cause acute poisoning, immune deficiency, and dementia. As Dr. Bredesen notes in The End Of Alzheimer’s, mold likely contributes to at least 500,000 cases of Alzheimer’s in the U.S. alone.

Thankfully, boosting your body’s detoxification can be easy and delicious. There are plenty of naturally detoxifying foods that you can pick up right in your local produce aisle. Be sure to consume some of these foods on a regular basis to detox for optimal brain and body health.

Naturally Detoxifying Foods Apollo

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