Apollo Health’s Principal Research Scientist Dr. Ram Rao, Chief Science Officer Dr. Dale Bredesen, Chief Health Liaison Julie Gregory, and medical student Yasaswi Vengalasetti recently published the paper “Neuroprotective Herbs for the Management of Alzheimer’s Disease” in the medical journal Biomolecules for its special issue on “Natural and Synthetic Compounds in Neurodegenerative Disorders.”

More than two hundred promising drug candidates for Alzheimer’s disease (AD) have failed in the past decade. Medicinal plants and herbal remedies are gaining interest as complementary and alternative interventions for treating AD, and a valuable source for developing viable drug candidates. The ten herbs featured in the paper (see photo gallery below) were chosen for their anti-inflammatory, antioxidant, and cognitive-enhancing effects are ashwagandha, brahmi, cat’s claw, ginkgo biloba, gotu kola, lion’s mane, saffron, shankhpushpi, tumeric, and triphala.

Read the abstract and download the full version of the article here.

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