Dr. Dale Bredesen was interviewed by Shelley Schlender, host of the show “How on Earth,” a science show on KGNU Community Radio, about the recent FDA approval of the Alzheimer’s drug Lecanemab and the faltering amyloid hypothesis as the sole cause of Alzheimer’s.

Dr. Bredesen explained that Lecanemab does nothing to improve cognition or address the multiple causes of Alzheimer’s but instead slows the inevitable progression of the disease. In comparison, his clinical trial showed that 84% of participants showed statistically significant cognitive improvement in those with early dementia. To date, no other Alzheimer’s treatment or drug has come close to the success of the ReCODE Protocol. He also explained that with previous medications, such as Aricept, while patients may initially show improvement, they ultimately experience a steeper decline in cognition. Dr. Bredesen mentioned a larger randomized, double-blind trial which is currently underway that will help to build a stronger proof of efficacy. When asked by Schelender if drug companies had approached him to collaborate on a cure, he said no. Still, he would welcome any efforts to improve patient outcomes with AD treatments, and he shared what steps can be taken today to prevent cognitive decline and more.

Listen here.

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