By Chris Coward, VP of Coaching for Apollo Health

We often get questions on how a ReCODE 2.0 Health Coach works with members to help them increase their success in following the Bredesen Protocol. Sometimes, there is confusion regarding the role of our coaches compared to nutritionists, doctors, and other practitioners. This article will hopefully increase your understanding of what our fabulous ReCODE Health Coaches do as well as what they do not.

In general terms, we refer to the practitioner as the WHAT of your ReCODE or PreCODE program, and the coach is the HOW. As you may have experienced, most practitioners don’t have the time (and it would be expensive if they did) to spend on detailing how you might implement the recommendations on your ReCODE or PreCODE Report. This is where a coach can be useful in helping you create steps that are personal to you and translate the what into the how.

Here are some of the areas in which a ReCODE 2.0 Health Coach can help:

They partner with you to:

● Understand all the pieces of your ReCODE or PreCODE Protocol, including your practitioner’s treatment plan.

● Establish priorities and goals.

● Overcome obstacles to practicing the B7 successfully.

● Discover your unique strengths and how to use them effectively.

● Navigate lifestyle changes.

● Help you with accountability techniques, including developing organizational skills and techniques to stay on track.

● Help you break down necessary habit changes into small, achievable steps.

● Motivate and encourage you.

● Adopt self-care, relaxation, and mindfulness practices.

Works with your care partner to:

● Coordinate meetings and communicate with care partners on their perspective, supporting them in their own self-care.

● Includes family members in coaching sessions at your request to answer questions, support them in helping you, and help with family communication.

Liaisons with your care team to:

● Partner with the whole team to ensure open communication and agreement on treatment.

● Consult with medical provider(s) as necessary.

● Help you to find physicians, therapists, or other professionals (like mold inspectors or remediators) when needed.

● Help you to formulate questions and dialogue with your physician. (Ex, if you are losing too much weight) which optimizes your time with your practitioner.

● Attends appointments with you and your practitioner — taking notes and asking clarifying questions.

Suggest resources to you:

● Finds and links you to appropriate resources on the Apollo Health website and other outside resources. These can include articles, studies, recipes, books, podcasts, YouTube videos, Town Halls, Apollo Health Guides, etc.

● Helps you identify appropriate education groups or support groups at Apollo Health from which you might benefit.

● Encourages you to post questions in the Apollo Health Member Forum.

Teaches and troubleshoots for you:

● Helps you understand your ReCODE or PreCODE Report.

● Assists with any BrainHQ challenges and shows you how to see your progress.

● Educate you on how to use common testing tools like ketone and glucose meters and continuous glucose monitors (CGMs) and understand the readings you are getting.

In addition, many ReCODE Health Coaches will input lab values into your report when the labs are coming from sources other than Apollo Health partners.

Whew, this is a big list of things coaches can do for you!  

What ReCODE Health Coaches do NOT do

It’s important to know that coaches do not take the place of working with practitioners, as we are bound by a code of ethics and need to stay within our scope of practice. With that said, many of our coaches have additional medical certifications or degrees that qualify them to expand their coaching scope. You may even find them listed in our locator tool as a practitioner and as a coach.

ReCODE Health Coaches Don’t:

● Order or interpret lab tests.

● Diagnose medical problems.

● Provide mental health therapy.

● Prescribe supplements.

● Force compliance or action-taking.

You might be wondering about the cost of working with a ReCODE Health Coach. Coaches’ hourly rates range from $85-$125 on average. It’s important to know that most of our coaches work virtually while some also work in person. This allows you to work with a ReCODE Health Coach no matter where in the world you live.

If working with a ReCODE Health Coach makes sense to you, I recommend searching the practitioner/coach locator tool on your member website and/or contacting and letting them help you find one.

Top athletes, musicians, and CEOs work with coaches to optimize their performance.  To optimize your ReCODE Program to create the most successful outcomes, consider making an Apollo-trained coach a member of your Bredesen Protocol team.