Apollo Health’s Chief Science Officer, Dr. Dale Bredesen; Chief Health Liaison, Julie Gregory; and Principal Research Scientist, Dr. Ram Rao, discuss the ramifications of ApoE4 and the special considerations carriers need to take to prevent neurodegeneration. Drs. Bredesen and Rao took a deep dive into the ApoE4 protein and how it acts as a “master control” affecting 1,700 genes, while Julie Gregory shared her insights into how this science translates into clinical practice. Topics covered include: why ApoE4 carriers have a greater need for ketosis, the importance of avoiding insulin resistance, protecting your head from injury, and more.

Watch part one here.

Part two of the Facebook Live session, which aired on Thursday, March 25, on Dr. Bredesen’s Facebook page continued with additional considerations for ApoE4 carriers, including a discussion about alcohol usage, how dietary fats affect lipids, the controversial role of grains, the potential need for higher amounts of omega-3s — including which groups need to exercise caution with fish oil supplements and much more.

Watch part two here.

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