Dr. Dale Bredesen appeared on the Megyn Kelly show on SiriusXM. They discussed how important it is to be aware of one’s cognitive health and to have a cognoscopy to determine your risk.

Dr. Bredesen reviewed the risk factors that contribute to and cause dementia. He busted the myth that forgetfulness is just a typical symptom of aging and that it may be a sign of cognitive decline. Kelly brought up the mental fitness of politicians, and Dr. Bredesen responded that this was a political point versus a “neurological point.” He continued to explain that from the neurological perspective, you can always gather more information for a more in-depth evaluation that includes comprehensive cognitive testing with a neurologist or your care provider. A great starting place is our free online Cq Assessment

We’ve included an excerpt of Dr. Bredesen’s interview with Kelly below.

Watch here:

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