By Julie Gregory, Chief Health Liaison for Apollo Health

Big changes are happening at Apollo Health. We regularly hear from our participants that the protocol is just too complicated. There are so many strategies to apply at the same time that it feels impossible to do everything at once. We have big plans to address these concerns. Our ultimate goal is your success. From Dr. Bredesen’s clinical trial, we know that the protocol works. But we also know that we need to make it easier to access so that more participants will be able to achieve positive results for life.

To that end, we are making many changes. We are in the midst of an alignment project that will put practitioners, health coaches, and participants all on the same page, using the same educational materials to create a level of uniformity and standardization in how the protocol is applied. By the end of this year, all of our practitioners and health coaches will have completed the most up-to-date training in the protocol, ReCODE 2.0. We will no longer recommend providers who have not completed this training in an effort to bring the highest level of quality care to you.

Additionally, we are currently updating all of our educational material. We are summarizing the foundational guides with simplified language so that every single participant can ensure that they have easy access to step-by-step instructions. Moving forward, each participant will be guided through a simplified curriculum for healing. Everyone will start with a comprehensive overview of the program, what to expect, an estimate of cost, and an outline of your personal responsibility on the protocol. From there, each participant will be guided through how to ensure that you have adequate oxygenation and fuel to your brain. Without these two critical pieces in place, it is impossible to heal. Next, we’ll introduce the seven foundational strategies to optimize cognition, as summarized in the Bredesen Seven (B7). We’ll be providing short summaries of each strategy with an action plan that you can implement as you are ready.

We know that many participants need more support. We will be introducing new programs to offer a concierge experience for both prevention and reversal of cognitive decline. The new programs will be called PreCODE+ (for prevention) and ReCODE+ (for reversal). Participants will be matched with a highly trained health coach who will personally walk you through all the educational material necessary for cognitive optimization. The current self-guided programs will still be available, but we also plan to offer this deeper level of support for those who need it.

Additionally, we are working on a partnership with an established health-focused meal delivery service. We know that nutrition is the most important of all of the B7 strategies and many participants struggle to fully understand how to use the KetoFLEX 12/3 approach. Our goal is to make the diet easier to access. We will continue to create educational materials, meal plans, and recipes for participants who enjoy cooking, but we also plan to have a meal delivery option available very soon.

Please know that we care deeply about your success and experience with Apollo Health. Our team is devoted to empowering you by ensuring that you have all of the tools you need to optimize your cognition for decades to come. Mainstream medicine still contends that Alzheimer’s can’t be prevented or reversed. We know differently and are rewriting history one participant at a time.

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