By Valerie Driscoll, Lead Coach and Coaching Program Developer for Apollo Health

Julie Gregory’s current piece on the ReCODE Protocol™ points out key differences between this program and other approaches to preventing or reversing cognitive decline, but we know there are many. One key element is the n-of-1 approach of treating each participant as an individual with his/her/their own constellation of contributing issues that first need to be identified and then strategically resolved. This highly individualized approach to each participant is what sets us apart.

As a coach and program developer for Apollo, who works with both individuals and groups, I know the power of the individual approach to healing, but in my role, I am also fortunate to witness the incredible power of individuals coming together to support one another as a group. It has been my privilege to co-create and facilitate several of these groups, receive feedback from the participants and facilitators, and know that together we are making the ReCODE experience easier to navigate.

These experiences have made me realize that another way the ReCODE Protocol and the Apollo Health collaboration sets us apart is how it bands us together.

One of the common frustrations our team hears among participants who have made a commitment to this unconventional approach to their cognition through lifestyle changes is how isolated they sometimes feel. As coaches who are on the same journey, out in the “wild world,” as I call it, we completely understand. It seems as though every family or social interaction comes with a full Q&A session, often met with much skepticism. This can sometimes feel exhausting and frustrating, despite how passionate we are about the experience.

An antidote to this frustration is to find your people and build a crew: others on the same path or who are willing to be champions for your path; finding those who celebrate your pioneering spirit is invigorating and helps to create resilience. Some of the most moving and powerful moments of my work at Apollo Health have been witnessing how a safe space, populated with those all speaking the same language and united in purpose, uplifts the spirit and strengthens the resolve to keep up the good fight. 

One of the primary intentions of the entire Apollo team is to create welcoming spaces for education, support, and replenishing one’s resolve. There are many ways in which to do this as a member, and we invite you to explore them if you have not yet done so. The Apollo forums are a wonderful way to connect with others working on the same B7 lifestyle areas, and it is easy to get started. Simply go to the forum section of your portal, type in any subject, and join a conversation. Or begin your own! There is abundant wisdom and best practices in these forum postings, born of much trial and error; take advantage of it!  One of the many things I appreciate about our participants is how readily they share their experiences and how ardently they support one another, especially those just starting out. 

For a deeper dive, consider joining one of our support groups: we currently offer groups for care partners, type 3, and KetoFLEX 12/3, with others on the horizon. I am overwhelmed by the power created in these groups and by our courageous and innovative participants as they share their wins and struggles, their powers of innovation and resilience, and much good humor. Please keep in mind that as an Apollo member, you are never alone. 

My call to action to you is to find people who fill your cup rather than empty it. Seek out friends and family members who are interested in your journey and turn down the volume on the naysayers … what might be the first or next step in building your crew? 

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