By Julie Gregory, Chief Health Liaison for Apollo Health

We were not designed to be alone. We evolved to be a part of a larger, supportive, diverse, and multi-generational group. Throughout the evolution of the human brain, we hunted and gathered together, we ate together, we sat around the fire at night, and we shared the stories of our day. We were designed to survive and thrive by being together.

Practicing the protocol can sometimes feel lonely. This is especially true when our spouses, partners, other family members, friends, and even our medical practitioners do not support us. Even worse, they may actively question the protocol’s efficacy, trying to lead us to believe that it’s futile despite mounting evidence to the contrary. The road to cognitive health can feel like a solitary journey, but it needn’t be.    

We understand the power of community and have even integrated it into the protocol itself. “Brain Stimulation” is one of the foundational strategies that comprise the Bredesen Seven (B7); it encourages the “upsizing” and continued stimulation of our brains, especially as we age. An elemental way that we stimulate our brains is to stay socially connected.

Indeed, we recognize that creating and maintaining a support system is vital to healthy brain aging. You need people you can rely upon. We find this connection by becoming someone who can be relied upon for the people around us to the extent possible. If you feel weak and vulnerable, this might feel like a lofty goal, but supporting others can be a source of strength as opposed to tapping out our resources. True community isn’t always equal but rather a dynamic dance of give and take.  

See the many opportunities available to Apollo Health subscribers (and everyone) to become a part of the first community of pioneers actively working to optimize our cognitive health and transform the Alzheimer’s trajectory for generations to come.

Forums Apollo Health subscribers and ReCODE Trained Practitioners have access to our Forums. They provide an opportunity to gather with like-minded individuals to create a sense of community and exchange cutting-edge information. The forums are moderated by ReCODE Trained Health Coaches with access to Dr. Bredesen (our Chief Science Officer and Dr. Ram Rao (our Principal Research Scientist). If you haven’t already, introduce yourself and join today.

Educational and Support Groups We have a plethora of group opportunities for both education and support focused on multiple areas of interest. Depending upon the group, these are available to both Apollo Health subscribers and non-subscribers. I’ve been honored to participate in some of these groups and have been awed and humbled by the wisdom, transformation, and authentic community they offer. To see a full listing of opportunities, see Support Groups

Facebook Lives Dr. Bredesen periodically offers Facebook Live broadcasts (on the Dale Bredesen, MD Facebook Page) focused on cutting-edge strategies for preventing and reversing cognitive decline. I’m honored to sometimes join along with other guests. Viewers who join live have the opportunity to ask questions. Past Facebook Lives are freely available to both subscribers and non-subscribers with full transcripts.

Town Halls These Q & A opportunities with Dr. Bredesen, who’s often joined by Ann Hathaway, MD (who has a wealth of clinical experience implementing the protocol), and other subject matter experts provide another opportunity to connect and seek information related to the protocol.  Apollo Health subscribers can pose questions to: and review Previous Town Halls. Each has a search function and transcript attached for your convenience.

Coaching Connection We recognize that behavior change can be difficult. Many participants struggle to implement the strategies in the protocol. Our coaching staff has created a series of talks for health coaches, subscribers, and their care partners to connect, offer supportive tips, and help ensure success on the protocol. Click here to see all Coaching Connection sessions.

One of my favorite quotes comes from Rumi, a Persian poet. In a few simple words, he sums up our entire reason for being from the moment we are born until the moment we die:

We are all just walking each other home.”

What a beautiful way to emphasize the power of connection in our lives. My recovery wouldn’t have been possible without community. I continue to find inspiration and wisdom from you all and am so grateful to have each of you in my life. May our walk home be a long and winding journey, full of connection, continued discovery, healing, and most importantly — love.

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