We want you to make the most of your free 30-day trial subscription by sharing some of the benefits and resources that accompany your membership. We offer two clinically proven programs to optimize cognition, PreCODE for prevention and ReCODE for reversal.

You can get started today by taking the Cognitive Quotient (Cq) assessment to determine which of our two programs is most appropriate for you.

The First Program to Reverse Alzheimer’s Disease

Dr. Bredesen and his team have recently completed a clinical trial that was the first to demonstrate the reversal of early Alzheimer’s disease. Their strongly positive results, in which 84% of participants demonstrated statistically significant improvement in cognitive scores, support the perspective that identifying and treating the contributors to cognitive decline for each patient, with a personalized protocol, represents an effective treatment approach for patients with mild cognitive impairment (MCI) or early Alzheimer’s disease. A follow-up analysis of our ReCODE Program, was recently published in Biomedicines, a peer-reviewed journal, offering additional evidence of the efficacy of our approach.  


Let’s Begin Your Program


Use this free trial as an opportunity to learn about your cognitive health. As we age, we begin to process information less quickly and struggle with other aspects of cognition. Often these changes develop slowly and insidiously, and many people aren’t aware that they’ve begun to decline. Because the pathology that underlies Alzheimer’s begins at least a decade (and often more) before symptoms begin to appear, it’s important to track your cognitive status.

If you decide to extend your subscription, we’ll start by gathering detailed information about you (through medical questionnaires, cognitive assessments, and laboratory testing) to identify which factors are contributing to your current cognitive state, resulting in a personalized protocol to help you address areas of concern to prevent and reverse cognitive decline. See a sample PreCODE and ReCODE Report.

Whether you’re here for prevention or you’ve learned that you’re showing some cognitive deficits, our programs are designed to help you optimize cognition for decades to come. We’ve created a series of easily accessible educational guides that take you step-by-step through the program. The information is layered with hyperlinks, which allows you to set the pace for accessing the material.

The Fight of Your Life


Especially if symptoms have begun, we know that you are in the fight of your life — and we are here to help you succeed. We invite you to learn all about the protocol, what it entails, how much it costs, what your responsibilities will be, and how we can best support you.

Ensure Adequate Brain Oxygenation


We start with the basics and teach you how to evaluate and maximize your oxygenation status to ensure optimal oxygen delivery to your brain.

Learn How to Monitor Metabolic Health


Next, we invite you to learn about your own metabolic health by tracking your glucose and ketone levels right at home to optimize the fuel supply for your brain.

Welcome to the Bredesen Seven


Then, we introduce you to the Bredesen Seven (B7), the seven main strategies used in the protocol. These diet and lifestyle approaches are foundational to addressing all of the drivers of cognitive decline.


The B7 breaks down what could feel like a complex protocol into seven distinct yet complementary strategies that create neuroplasticity — the ability of the brain to heal and grow new neurons and synaptic connections in response to stimuli. Each of the strategies alone can promote neuroplasticity, but they create a powerful synergy when practiced together

1. Nutrition


• Learn about KetoFLEX 12/3, the only diet clinically shown to improve cognition for those with early-stage Alzheimer’s disease. Find out which foods you should stop eating and which foods you should prioritize.
Sample our delicious brain healthy recipes and enjoy our nutritional resources including a grocery guide to make shopping easy and fun.

2. Exercise


Discover which type of exercise will yield the most benefit for brain health. Find out how often you should be exercising along with lots of ideas for keeping it fresh.
Join our Friday Yoga Class with Dr. Ram Rao, our principal research scientist and Registered Yoga Teacher from Yoga Alliance.

3. Sleep


Find out how much sleep you should get each night for optimal neuroprotection.
Learn which health condition (which occurs during sleep) that you must rule out to both prevent and reverse cognitive decline.

4. Stress


Learn how chronic, severe, and unresolved stress can affect cognition.
Discover the multiple ways you can create resiliency and protect yourself against all stressors

5. Brain Stimulation


Did you know that your brain can continue to grow new neurons throughout your lifespan?
Learn how you can facilitate that process to stay sharp for decades.
We’ve partnered with BrainHQ to provide complimentary brain training as a part of your subscription

6. Detox


Were you aware that the air you breathe, the water you drink, and the home you live in could contribute to your risk of developing Alzheimer’s?
Learn how you can begin to detoxify today.

7. Supplements


Learn how targeted supplements can exert the biochemical changes necessary to support cognition.
Discover which supplements are right for you with a personalized program.

Putting it All Together: Introducing the Apollo Health Portal and ReCODE Mobile App


The Apollo Health portal and ReCODE Mobile App are designed to deliver all aspects of our programs.

Set up a customized schedule that includes all of the protocol tasks, with reminders.
You will also have a prioritized view of your schedule, to promote program efficacy.
As you become more proficient, new personalized strategies will be recommended on a regular basis.
Track your food intake with snapshots and our food journal.
Perform video check-ins to track your progress.
The ReCODE mobile app for iPhone inks with Apple’s Health Kit, allowing information from your wearables and other tools (including the Apple Watch, Fitbit, and BIOSENSE Breath Testing Device to track ketones) to sync with your account to be shared with any member of your health care team.
The mobile app also enables scheduling and sharing of glucose and ketone measurements.
Both the portal and mobile app provide access to all website features, including the guides, BrainHQ, recipes, the grocery list, community forum, and much more.

Support From Apollo Health


We’ve put together an array of resources to offer support to help ensure your success. We understand that the protocol can be complex. Depending upon your starting place, you may be implementing many changes at once, which can get overwhelming. We’ve assembled a team of professionals and fellow brain health pioneers to share the journey with you, as well as curated products and resources offered at a discounted price.

Use our Practitioner and Coach Locator Tool  If you decide to extend your subscription, our Practitioner and Coach Locator Tool is available to help you build the team you need to ensure your success. Your account will be seamlessly integrated with all members of your team, allowing for easy access, communication, and support.
Town Hall Meetings  Our subscribers are invited to participate in regular question and answer opportunities with Dr. Bredesen through our Town Halls. He’s often joined by Ann Hathaway, M.D., who has a wealth of clinical experience implementing the protocol, and other subject matter experts.


Community Forum  Our Community Forum offers an opportunity to gather with other like-minded participants to create a sense of community. Our moderated forum, overseen by nationally certified health coaches who are trained in the Bredesen Protocol, provides an opportunity to seek and offer support, ask questions, share experiences, and learn from one another. Introduce yourself and join today!
Support Group Opportunities  We offer multiple online support groups for both members and nonmembers to gather in small groups, facilitated by  ReCODE 2.0 certified health coaches. Meeting with like-minded and inspired Bredesen Protocol followers in a supportive community offers a safe and loving place to share wins and setbacks on your journey. (The support groups are not included in your subscription.)
Coaches Connection  We recognize that behavior change can be difficult. Many participants struggle to implement the strategies in the protocol. Our coaching staff has created a series of talks for participants, their care partners, and our health coaches to offer supportive tips and help ensure success on the protocol.


Facebook Live  Join Dr. Bredesen and Julie Gregory, our Chief Health Liaison, as they regularly broadcast live on the Dale Bredesen, MD Facebook Page. They discuss insider tips for the protocol and feature guests with cutting edge strategies for both preventing and reversing cognitive decline. Viewers who join live have the opportunity to ask questions.
Insider Strategies  Read monthly blogs from the Apollo Health team all dedicated to help you practice the protocol more effectively.
News  Stay up-to-date with all of Dr. Bredesen’s media appearances, brain health news, and much more.
Participant Resources  We’ve partnered with various industry leaders who have products and services that may be helpful to those using our program. We’ve arranged for discounts to be offered directly to participants in an effort to help bring down the cost of the protocol.
Customer Support  We have a dedicated customer support team standing by to assist you. As a subscriber, you can reach out to: or call us at (800) 450-0805, Monday through Friday, from 9:00 am to 5:00 pm PT.

Create a Personalized Report


Once you’ve completed your 30-day preview of our programs, consider joining our community and creating your own personalized report. Each is extraordinarily detailed, over 50 pages long, with personalized information about your current state of cognition and overall health based upon your responses to our medical questionnaire, cognitive assessments, and laboratory testing. Your unique report offers medical information (with step-by-step instructions) to address the potential contributors to cognitive decline to both prevent and optimize cognition. See a sample PreCODE and ReCODE Report.

Dr. Bredesen is the first to demonstrate the reversal of cognitive decline clinically and has partnered with Apollo Health to make this program available to you today. We look forward to having you join the first evidence-based brain health community focused on helping you optimize your cognition to create precious memories for years to come.  

Get Started On Your Brain Health Journey Today

By taking charge of your cognitive health as early as possible, you’re creating a vibrant future for years to come. Start by taking the Cognitive Quotient (Cq) assessment to determine which of our two programs is most appropriate for you. Quantifying your current state of cognition is the first step towards a healthier tomorrow.