By Valerie Driscoll, Lead Coach and Coaching Program Developer for Apollo Health

The phrase I utter most often in my various roles as a member of the Apollo Health Coaching Team is some variation of: “Have you logged into your member portal?” Very rarely is the answer a definitive – yes.

This scenario never fails to remind me of one of my favorite British comedies, “The IT Crowd,” about a set of misfit nerds running the IT Department of a large dysfunctional corporation in London. Imagine the tiny, dark sub-basement of a corporate monolith, manned by a crew of two, dealing with the complexities of keeping the tech running smoothly. One would expect lots of techno-babble, but the long-running gag is one of the team asking into their phone with exasperation, “Have you tried turning it off and on?” which makes me both howl with laughter and chagrined as I think of how many times that very question resolved a tech issue I was having.

Apollo’s member portal is simply the epicenter of the Bredesen Protocol Universe, offering information, interaction, and support all at your fingertips. I marvel at how many members do not take advantage of this amazing resource.

If you are not a PreCODE or ReCODE member routinely visiting the portal and all its wealth, I beg, invite, and implore you to become a member and come give it a whirl!  All you will need is your username and password to log in.

There is no better way to optimize the ROI of your time and membership fees: by using the member portal, you will become a stronger advocate for yourself or your loved one, a more well-informed patient and/or coaching client, and more importantly, you will understand more thoroughly why we ask you to do what we do, which is a key to improved compliance and healing.

A wonderful place to begin getting acquainted is with our recorded webinars on Mastering the Member Website, tutorials that members can access that by clicking here.

Watching these tutorials will give our members an introduction to everything available on the site and teach them how to use our search feature, where they can locate in seconds information on any Bredesen Protocol topic. With each webinar under 30 minutes, you can watch, learn, and then practice the content without becoming overwhelmed. As they are housed permanently on the site, you can watch them over and again. I cannot recommend them highly enough.

And not only is the portal full of information, but it is also incredibly dynamic, with additions and updates being made weekly to both content and ease of use; the content and tech teams never stop working to improve your experience.

If all of this still feels like too much, consider finding a coach to give you some help until you have more confidence; it is a wonderful way to familiarize yourself with the features, and many coaches offer this service.

Whichever way you decide to go, please take advantage of all that is provided for you by our little team of nerdy misfits who have happily come together to heal our members.

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