Scott Saunders, D.D.S., and researcher on the airway and oral health interviewed Dr. Dale Bredesen about his recently released book, The First Survivors of Alzheimer’s, where seven survivors shared their first-person stories of recovery from Alzheimer’s as they applied and adopted the ReCODE Protocol designed to reverse their cognitive decline, enhancing their overall health.

They also discussed Dr. Bredesen’s years of research in identifying the causes of cognitive decline and the functional medicine approach used to identify and target the causes of an individual’s cognitive decline. This individualized approach has shown in a small clinical trial that 84% of the study’s participants showed cognitive and overall health improvements with early intervention. Dr. Bredesen also discussed his recommendation that everyone learn your ApoE4 status and know the status of your cognitive health so you can start to prevent decline with programs such as PreCODE.

Dr. Bredesen also talked about the controversial and poor decision made by the FDA to approve the drug Aduhelm and the enormous fallout of this hasty and risk-filled option to treat Alzheimer’s that only slows the progression but doesn’t improve cognition or prevent the disease.

Watch and listen here.

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