The First Precision Approach To Treating Alzheimer’s

Are you at risk for Alzheimer’s disease? Dr. Bredesen discussed the underutilized tests for preventing Alzheimer’s and the mechanisms through which the disease manifests. 

Contrary to most of the research, Dr. Bredesen does not focus on the impact of amyloid buildup in the brain or advocate for the use of a single pill as a treatment. In fact, he shows that amyloid buildup is actually a protective response to numerous different brain insults like nutrient deficiency, infections, and hormonal imbalances. 

As a result of his approach, cognitive decline has been reversed for the first time, with some patients maintaining their cognitive improvement for more than 5 years.

Discover more about the science behind reversing cognitive decline and Dr. Bredesen’s successful Alzheimer’s Protocol, ReCODE.

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