I’m Sally Weinrich and I’m living proof that Alzheimer’s can be reversed. For over seven years, I’ve been following Dr. Bredeson’s ReCODE Protocol, that’s stands for Reversal of Cognitive Decline.

Alzheimer’s starts small. The first symptoms can look like normal aging changes and Alzheimer’s may take 20 years to fully develop.

I had aunts and uncles, two on each side of my family that died from Alzheimer’s, so you can understand why I was terrified when I had my first major memory problems in [the year] 2000 when I was only 52 years old. We were living in a home with black mold and at that time I had no idea that mold can cause Alzheimer’s disease.

Now, I am 75 years old, it’s 23 years later, and thanks to ReCODE my cognition is good.

Watch Sally’s powerful and full testimonial now:

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