Jason Wachob spoke to Dr. Dale Bredesen for his “Mindbodygreen (MBG) Podcast” and they discussed Dr. Bredesen’s research that led to his approach to treating Alzheimer’s disease, which instead of focusing on reducing amyloid as the standard of care, he instead focuses on the “network insufficiency” of the brain. He also discussed how this insufficiency of energy along with numerous insults leads the brain to downsize and unable to perform at peak capacity.

They discussed the risk factors that can increase the chances of cognitive decline occurring, the genetic risk for developing AD for those with the ApoE4 allele, the importance of getting a cognoscopy to determine your brain health, and much more. You can watch the full interview below, and read Wachob’s article “3 Surprising Things That Can Affect Your Brain Health, From a Neurologist.”

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