“My husband is a doctor who was experiencing cognitive decline and had regressed to a level I was thinking (he) would have to give up work. We live in New Zealand. He has completed the ReCODE monthly program with dramatic improvement, has been tested, and demonstrated that he is now well enough to return to work as a doctor — an amazing testimonial to the success of the program.”

— J.W.

“I have been practicing The Bredesen Protocol for over four years. When I met Dr. Bredesen, I had been scoring in the 30th percentile in cognitive testing. About an hour ago, I was administered the MoCA cognitive assessment by a psychiatrist in San Antonio. I quote: ‘What ever you are doing is obviously working. You just scored the highest possible.’ I may frame my copy of the test. God bless Dr. Dale E. Bredesen and the researchers that helped him … I honestly believe the protocol saved my life. Forever Grateful,”

— Francis C. McNear, author of Defeating Dementia: My Story of Recovery from Alzheimer’s

“I have been on the protocol since March 2018 and continue to improve. I tell almost everyone I see about the book and how much the protocol has done for me.”

— N. K.

“I see more and more patients who ask to follow The Bredesen Protocol for Alzheimer’s disease or Parkinson’s disease. The results are very encouraging. I saw a psychiatrist who was diagnosed with Alzheimer’s disease. Three months after starting the protocol, neuropsychological test scores had gone back two levels and, as he continues his professional activity, his assistant told me that he was much more efficient. I have also had the opportunity to see several patients with Alzheimer’s disease or frontotemporal dementia (FTD) who had hallucinations before starting the protocol — and their hallucinations have disappeared, in particular with the implementation of the ketogenic diet. If they deviate from the diet, the hallucinations reappear within a few hours. I’ve also seen noticeable improvements in patients with Parkinson’s disease or multiple sclerosis.”

Dr. Bernard Aranda, Neurologist

“My Mother has shown symptoms of fairly advanced dementia for a couple of years. Both she and lots of our family have been very resistant to any change, but last week we did the MoCA test with her. She scored 8. We talked about what was possible and started her on the very basics — cutting out bread (her staple diet) and eating lots of vegetables, olive oil, and a morning coffee with some coconut oil. Today, four days later, she called me to say that she feels in control of herself again. She said, ‘I am functional, my voice is strong again … it is like me, but a few years ago. I can’t believe it is this quick. I will never go back.’ Lots more to do, but a huge thank you.”

— A. B

“I have had the challenge and pleasure of successfully assisting my first Type 3 ReCODE participant — presenting with mycotoxicity, lead, and mercury toxicity — in the implementation of The Bredesen Protocol and the Quicksilver Science detox system (recommended by Dr. Bredesen). As evidenced by my client’s current CIRS (Chronic Inflammatory Response Syndrome) blood markers and VCS Test (Visual Contrast Sensitivity |Surviving Mold test), I am so excited to report that the first detox phase in which we focused on mycotoxin exposure and elimination, has resolved the issue of mycotoxicity. We are now entering the second detox phase — the implementation of Quicksilver Science’s metal detox system (The QUBE w/EDTA) — to begin addressing mercury and lead toxicity. Follow-up: Here is the success my client and I had implementing QuickSIlver’s metal detox system — The Detox Qube® + EDTA – Natural Detoxification – Glutathione Support. She had +90% decrease in mercury.

— Kim Goodsell, Certified ReCODE Practitioner of The Bredesen Protocol

Hi! I am writing to report a success using Dr. Bredesen’s book. I am a functionally trained Registered Dietitian and my 64-year-old husband was diagnosed with Alzheimer’s (he has many risk factors, but no gene). His neurologist put him on Aricept, and then two years ago, I started your supplement protocol using The End of Alzheimer’s book. Then three months later he started Namenda. Six months later he was back to 80% of baseline, a year later 95% of baseline. I am stunned at the ignorance of physicians—his PCP said there was nothing we could do, and the neurologist had never heard of The Bredesen Protocol. Most recently, when my husband had his Addenbrooke’s testing with his neurologist in October 2019 (2 years on the protocol now, with more exercise the past 6 months and more usage of CPAP machine for sleep apnea, about 7-8 hrs/night), his score went from 83 to 97!  His neurologist changed his diagnosis from dementia to MCI with memory loss. He does have some long-term memory loss, but his day-to-day executive functioning is intact.

— D. K.

Dear Dr. Bredesen, I am writing to thank you for writing a most informative and helpful book — The End of Alzheimer’s. Please allow me to share our experience.  A number of years ago, my wife was diagnosed with Alzheimer’s Disease, but a little over a year ago, the diagnosis changed to Lewy Body Dementia (LBD). My wife had all the symptoms of LBD — hallucinations, loss of mobility, and a loss of writing and reading skills. A brain SPECT scan confirmed that there was loss of circulation to large portions of the brain and we were told that those areas of the brain were mostly dead and that the disease would continue to progress. About a year ago, the symptoms got dramatically and unexpectedly worse to the point that she was confused about who her family members were, including me. My wife was bedridden and required 24/7 care. She was even unable to stand. Needless to say, we were devastated. Since the mainstream medical profession offered no hope, I started doing online research and came across your book, which I purchased and read from cover to cover. While your book did not discuss LBD, I thought we would give the advice given a chance. I made a list of the needed tests (based on your book) and we paid for and had them done locally. I immediately began adjusting her diet and adding the recommended supplements to her diet in harmony with the results from the blood tests we had done. The symptoms stopped worsening and within a four-month period, we started to see improvements. For example, while she could not sign her name a few months ago, she now can produce a mostly legible and correct version of her signature. The most surprising result was results from my wife’s second SPECT scan done about a month ago. The doctor was perplexed to see that the brain scans were “normal.” To him, the results were inexplicable, even unbelievable. Unfortunately, despite this encouraging news, my wife is still bedridden and continues to suffer with hallucinations and confusion. Still, we are still following the protocol and are hoping to continue to see improvements as we aim for the protocol’s optimal levels. Based on the results we saw with my wife, I recommended that my son purchase a ReCODE Report, which he did about a month ago.

— A. O.

“Being a member of the Bredesen ReCODE+ Beta Coaching Group made me feel: Comforted, that I am not alone trying to figure out all of the parts of the protocol. Optimistic that all of our knowledge, together, will move the “how to” of the protocol forward in a clear way. (Pleased about) making new friends facing the same issues you are, and learning to do the protocol in all of its many parts. The “Hollywood Squares” feel of the Zoom (chat and presentation) platform becomes familiar very quickly and becomes a fun way to meet together. (I am) Enjoying the many resources that coaches Chris and Joan bring to us; videos, articles, Ted Talks, to name a few, all to help us learn new habits and ways to live the protocol. Learning from each other, our shared experience, on what works well, to solve the varied problems we may encounter. (Confident) that brain health can be the sum of all of the varied inputs of our daily lives.”

— Jennifer

“We have been doing the Bredesen Protocol for two years. The protocol is complex and difficult to coordinate. This ReCODE+ Group Coaching would have been extremely helpful at the beginning with a mix of “veterans” and “rookies” to help us pull all this together. For me as both a caregiver and as a participant with cognitive issues, this program has (provided) much-needed support for me. I no longer feel alone and just the group support and sharing with others in similar situations has been a huge blessing. The mutual support from the group and the gracious coaching from Chris and Joan, has given my wife and me more hope and encouragement. Whether you are a listener and shy like my wife, or outgoing and talkative like me, you will benefit from this program. To me, it is the caregiver support that I didn’t even realize that I needed. It really helped me coordinate the pillars, trust my doctor’s recommendations, and gave me the courage to try new ideas. The various “study” topics applied directly to the protocol helped me personally — especially the meditation and habit forming lessons. I highly recommend it (and) my wife has made measurable progress since we started this program due to the accountability and fresh perspective.”

— John H.

“One of the most helpful aspects of the ReCODE+ Group Coaching Beta program was the support I received for my specific issues not only from the coaches but from the other participants as well. The Zoom platform was a terrific modality in terms of getting to know and bond with the other members of the group. As the weeks went on, I felt more connected with the coaches and my fellow participants. The group shared so many suggestions that were very helpful for the protocol. The coaches were knowledgeable, supportive, compassionate, and very professional in the manner that they related to the group during each session. They presented excellent topics for discussion and backed them up with fantastic resources to further support the various topics to help the group with the Bredesen protocol. These topics have personally helped me in developing a better mindset of resilience and setting goals to achieve for the Bredesen 7.”

— Michelle G.

“As a result of the ReCODE+ Beta program, I realized that the vague decision of ‘choosing to invest time’ in the program was no guarantee of success. Rather, the literal guarding and protecting of the precise hours on particular days set aside to accomplish the program is what enabled success to blossom. I blocked out clearly defined time to focus on the program. This produced an eye-opening reality-check of the significant value of “self-care,” and its pivotal role in the success of the Bredesen protocol. The Zoom group coaching provided encouraging group dynamics, different enlightening perspectives, and experiences, and educational discussions of changing mindsets and lifestyle choices towards the Bredesen 7. A positive surprise from being in the program has been the insights into the determination and drive necessary to win this battle against Alzheimer’s. It has sparked a new commitment in me to continue and improve my participation in my own ReCODE+ healing.”

— Sallie L. a recovering ApoE3/4.

“I naively thought that I would be able to just figure out and implement the Bredesen diet myself, but how wrong I was! The teachers are excellent, there is just so much to learn, and the support of peers is invaluable.”

Rose H.

“Julie and Samantha are amazing! Not only are they very knowledgeable, they truly care about the well being and success of each participant. The education and insights they and my fellow participants provided were invaluable in helping me to achieve and maintain Ketosis. I could not believe the difference Ketosis made in my focus and energy. After struggling with ketosis for two years, the Keto Flex 12/3 Program was a true game changer for me.”

— Laureen B.