“I have had the challenge and pleasure of successfully assisting my first Type 3 ReCODE participant—presenting with mycotoxicity, lead, and mercury toxicity—in the implementation of The Bredesen Protocol and the Quicksilver Science detox system (recommended by Dr. Bredesen). As evidenced by my client’s current CIRS (Chronic Inflammatory Response Syndrome) blood markers and VCS Test (Visual Contrast Sensitivity |Surviving Mold test), I am so excited to report that the first detox phase in which we focused on mycotoxin exposure and elimination, has resolved the issue of mycotoxicity. We are now entering the second detox phase—the implementation of Quicksilver Science’s metal detox system (The QUBE w/EDTA)—to begin addressing mercury and lead toxicity.

Follow-up: Here is the success my client and I had implementing QuickSIlver’s metal detox system— The Detox Qube® + EDTA – Natural Detoxification – Glutathione Support. She had +90% decrease in mercury.”

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