“As a result of the ReCODE+ Beta program, I realized that the vague decision of ‘choosing to invest time’ in the program was no guarantee of success. Rather, the literal guarding and protecting of the precise hours on particular days set aside to accomplish the program is what enabled success to blossom. I blocked out clearly defined time to focus on the program. This produced an eye-opening reality check of the significant value of ‘self-care,’ and its pivotal role in the success of the Bredesen Protocol. The Zoom group coaching provided encouraging group dynamics, different enlightening perspectives, and experiences, and educational discussions of changing mindsets and lifestyle choices towards the Bredesen Seven. A positive surprise from being in the program has been the insights into the determination and drive necessary to win this battle against Alzheimer’s. It has sparked a new commitment in me to continue and improve my participation in my own ReCODE+ healing.”

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