“Being a member of the Bredesen ReCODE+ Beta Coaching Group made me feel: Comforted, that I am not alone trying to figure out all of the parts of the protocol. Optimistic that all of our knowledge, together, will move the “how to” of the protocol forward in a clear way. (Pleased about) making new friends facing the same issues you are, and learning to do the protocol in all of its many parts. The “Hollywood Squares” feel of the Zoom (chat and presentation) platform becomes familiar very quickly and becomes a fun way to meet together. (I am) Enjoying the many resources that coaches Chris and Joan bring to us; videos, articles, Ted Talks, to name a few, all to help us learn new habits and ways to live the protocol. Learning from each other, our shared experience, on what works well, to solve the varied problems we may encounter. (Confident) that brain health can be the sum of all of the varied inputs of our daily lives.”

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