“Hi! I am writing to report a success using Dr. Bredesen’s book. I am a functionally trained Registered Dietitian and my 64-year-old husband was diagnosed with Alzheimer’s (he has many risk factors, but no gene). His neurologist put him on Aricept, and then two years ago, I started your supplement protocol using The End of Alzheimer’s book. Then 3 months later he started Namenda. Six months later he was back to 80% of baseline, a year later 95% of baseline. I am stunned at the ignorance of physicians—his PCP said there was nothing we could do, and the neurologist had never heard of the Bredesen Protocol. Most recently, when my husband had his Addenbrooke’s testing with his neurologist in October 2019 (2 years on the protocol now, with more exercise the past 6 months and more usage of CPAP machine for sleep apnea, about 7-8 hrs/night), his score went from 83 to 97!  His neurologist changed his diagnosis from dementia to MCI with memory loss. He does have some long-term memory loss, but his day-to-day executive functioning is intact.”

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